Citizens Engagement Advisory Committee

What Is the Citizens Engagement Advisory Committee?
The Citizens Engagement Advisory Committee’s (CEAC) mission is to serve as the City’s extended communications arm by bridging the divide between the city administration and Berkley residents. 

Vision: The CEAC will raise public awareness on city services, promote the City of Berkley’s vision for an inclusive community, and will build trust between the community and the City.  As an outcome, the citizens of Berkley will: 

  • Be well informed about City initiatives and projects
  • Recognize the accessibility of Berkley’s services and City staff
  • Share accurate information from the City and clarify City initiatives

CEAC Duties:

  • Serve as a focus group for City initiatives and projects
  • Aid the City in identifying the harder-to-reach segments of our population
  • Assist community members to connect with City services and communications

Berkley Community Resources Group
The Citizens Engagement Advisory Committee has established this Facebook group on behalf of the City of Berkley.

This is a new group and is dedicated to helping each other. This group has been created for our Berkley residents, businesses, and community members to share resources and information SPECIFICALLY to help one another.

There are a few simple rules:
  1. Share a resource or tool for neighbors or community members or businesses can use.
  2. Share or list a need of yours or a friend or neighbor (no requests for cash). You can ask to borrow a tool, request assistance for yard cleanup, ask for a ride to an appointment, etc.
  3. Keep the comments positive.
Let’s show how we are #BerkleyStrong.

For more community resources and references, visit

Who We Are.

Board Member Term Expires
 Sandy Fisher  July 2023
 Nicole Menard (Vice-Chair)  July 2022
 Adrianne Penney  July 2023
 Jacob Robinson  July 2024
 Jaye Sanders  July 2023
 Katie Ware  July 2022

*Vacant Position Available*

Council Liaison: Jessica Vilani
Staff Liaison: Stan Lisica

When Can You Attend a Meeting?
Meeting Time: 7:00 PM
Meeting Location: 2nd Floor Public Safety Conference Room, 2395 Twelve Mile Road

2023 Meeting Dates:

  • January 11
  • March 8
  • May 10
  • July 12
  • September 13
  • November 8
All board meetings are open to members of the public to attend.

Click here to view CEAC meeting agendas and minutes.

Questions or comments for the committee can be directed to the Community Engagement Officer, Torri Mathes, at or 248-658-3333.

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