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About the Communications Department
The Communications and Marketing Department serves as the primary facilitator between the various branches within the City of Berkley. This office works with every department to ensure cohesive and consistent modes of communication, marketing, community engagement, and city branding. 

What We Do
  • Publications -  the Berkley Buzz, City newsletter, brochures, posters, flyers, annual reports, and more!
  • City Photography - You'll see the Communications team or CMNtv (our broadcasting partners) at many of our City or City-partnered events throughout the year.
  • City Video - The Communications team and CMNtv capture and share video highlights of the latest projects or initiatives happening in the City, council and governing board meetings, and events. Find them all on our YouTube Channel.
  • Media Relations - The Communications team acts as the liaison between the media and the City. Any request for interviews, photos, and more should go through Caitlin Flora directly.
  • Brand & Web Maintenance/Design - The Communications Department maintains the City website and manages the City's brand. 
  • Social Media - Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Nextdoor
  • Event Planning - The Communications team assists various City Departments and partner organizations with the promotion of City-affiliated events. 

Contact the Communications Department for assistance with interviews, quotes, photos, information/fact-checking, press/media kit, and design guidelines.

To review the City's Communications Plan, Public Information, and Social Media Policies  CLICK HERE BUTTON

Caitlin Flora
Director of Communications
Phone: (248) 658-3333

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