Proposed Compromise for On-Street Overnight Parking Ban

Whether you’ve lived in Berkley your whole life or have recently moved in, you’ve likely noted our on-street overnight parking ban in effect from 2 AM to 6 AM daily. While the overnight ban is still supported, in a parking study completed in 2023, discussions and recommendations pointed to the need for city staff to implement a compromise that makes enforcement of illegal parking clearer for Public Safety and offers some relief to those who cannot adhere to the ban because of limited driveway space and additional vehicles due to household size and makeup, among other reasons.

Following the completion of the 2023 parking study, a staff parking committee with representatives from Community Development, Public Safety, Public Works, Information Technology, and Communications began meeting regularly to create an implementation plan for recommendations and to refine/update existing systems. This committee presented their proposed overnight parking compromise to the City Council in a publicly noticed work session meeting on May 13, 2024, with plans to continue the discussion and consider implementation at the regular City Council meeting on June 17.

Currently, residents with limited driveway/garage space who can’t fit their vehicles on their property only have a few options:

  • Go to the Public Safety building to receive a temporary paper on-street parking permit.
  • Ignore the ban and potentially get ticketed. Currently, a ticket for illegal parking is $10 but is slated to increase to $40.
  • Find a kind neighbor who will share their extra driveway space.
  • Move to a city where they can either fit all vehicles in their driveway or park on the street overnight.

Public Safety receives calls about illegal overnight parking regularly, but enforcement becomes a grey area when most calls are for residents with limited driveway space. Often, those with multiple vehicles in their household (high school students, college students home for a break, visiting family, work vehicles stored at home, etc.) don’t have the driveway space to accommodate them and must park in the street. The staff parking committee’s proposed solution intends to position Berkley as a welcoming environment for all who call our city home and includes two main aspects:

  • Move to online software for temporary permits, making it easier for residents to sign up and for Public Safety to keep track of approved vehicles parked on the street overnight (up to 15 per year, tied to license plate).
  • Add an annual pass option that can be purchased at a proposed cost of $300. This pass would be registered to the home address and hung from the rearview mirror of the vehicle parked in the street. One pass would be permitted per household for all single-family and two-family homes. Annual passes could not be purchased for multiple-family parking.

Any funds generated would be used to administer the new program and for a municipal parking lot maintenance fund. It is our hope that this proposed solution will work better for both residents and Public Safety to keep our streets safe and our rules reasonable. If the proposed ordinance changes are passed at the June 17, 2024, City Council meeting, a parking policy will be created before it goes into effect. After a phase-in period involving public education, the program would be in full effect in August. Additional information will be published following the outcome at the June 17 City Council meeting.


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