Water Residential Assistance Program

The City of Berkley is participating in the Water Residential Assistance Program (WRAP) that will help eligible, low-income residential customers of the Great Lakes Water Authority with bill payment assistance and water conservation measures. Under WRAP, participants will be able to access the support needed to pay past due water bills and become self-sufficient.  To learn more about this program and inquire about eligibility, call 313.386.WRAP (9727) or visit www.waynemetro.org/WRAP



  • Up to $1,000 per household, $25 monthly bill credit, help to pay off past due balance.
  • Home water audit & minor plumbing repairs, average of $1,500 for residents above 120% of average usage.

  • Home repairs up to $1,000 per household to fix minor plumbing issues.

  • Water saving kits and consumer training classes.
  • Supportive WRAP-Around Services.
WRAP Participant Eligibility Requirements
  • Increase eligibility for residential customers from 150% to 200% or less of federal poverty level
  • Increase conservation and plumbing repairs spending per household from $1,000 to an average of $1,500 and a cap of $2,000 per customer for eligible residential customers
  • Allow eligible residential customers that are renters to take advantage of conservation and plumbing repairs to reduce their water consumption, upon landlord executing an agreement not to raise rents for one year
  • Provide proof of residency and income
  • Provide renter’s proof of responsibility for water on lease
  • Stay current on monthly bill payment

Household Income   

WRAP’s mission is to administer the distribution of WRAP funding to the eligible, low-income customers of the GLWA, with a vision to create a transformative water utility assistance program focusing on bill assistance, conservation and self-sufficiency initiatives.

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