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Branch Out Berkley Fall Tree Planting Program

Tree Graphic

Our FREE Fall Street Tree Program is OPEN!

The beauty of Berkley's tree-lined streets is a result of the successful Tree Planting Program. The young trees that are planted are about 1½ inches in diameter and approximately 10 feet tall.

Please note if a tree was removed from the right-of-way, it takes at least 5 years for the roots to break down to allow for a new tree to be planted in the same area. New tree placement is also contingent upon underground utility locations and the size of the greenbelt.

Trees are made available on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is a LIMITED number available. 

Click here for the Tree Planting Program Order Form.

Got a new tree? It is important to ensure proper care is given to the trees on your property. Click here for a tree maintenance checklist and tips! 

If you would like more comprehensive information on caring for a new tree, click here to see the Arbor Day Foundation's (Tree City USA) tree care tips and techniques. 

Tree Trimming and Removal
Every year, the Department of Public Works contractor prunes trees in the right of way, trimming the large branches and removing trees due to health or public safety concerns.  While the City makes every effort to preserve the tree canopy, there are instances when removal is necessary. The arborist will evaluate a tree prior to removal and report back to our Public Works office for documentation

For instance, many Silver Maple trees have hollow trunks/limbs even though the leaves continue to grow. The internal rot of the older Silver Maples is a very common occurrence in Berkley (see photo below here).         

hollow silver maple - Copy
If a tree is concluded to be healthy we do not remove them as we hope to preserve our natural canopy in the City.

The contractor hired by the city has several Certified Arborists on staff, recognized by the International Society of Arboriculture.

These specialists care for the trees with overall health and safety in mind:

J.H. Hart Tree Trimming and Removal Overview

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