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Street Maintenance

Street Sweeping

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Street sweeping is done on a rotational basis throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Public Works will conduct "Marathons" where they will run the sweeper will run continuously throughout the City until they are finished. The route will take approximately 28 hours to complete.

The Street Sweeper will move around to different sections in the City (see map below) for each sweeping cycle to help accommodate for areas that typically have parked car conflicts.

We ask that you do not sweep your grass clipping and leaves into the streets during this time. The sweeper will not collect leaves intentionally raked to the curb/street

  • Overnight sweeping will occur for part of the cycle so please be sure to:
    • Move your vehicle off the street
    • Don't place your trash can on the street
      • (DPW suggests placing your garbage can on the easement)


Snow & Ice Removal
We take pride in our street maintenance performance every season. In the winter, as warranted, decisions are made to determine the time and appropriate methods needed to handle a given snowfall.  Each occurrence, whether it's snow or an ice storm, is different. Variables, such as temperature, surface and air temperature, snowfall rate, actual/predicted accumulation, and time of day are considered before the city implements the plowing/salting plan for a particular storm event.

Our Process During Snow Events
Snow removal and plowing in the City of Berkley occur in two waves to ensure the safety of motorists and Public Works crews.

1st Wave - Main streets used by emergency vehicles and the heaviest traffic, especially during rush hours. The first wave of streets include:
  • 12 Mile
  • Coolidge
  • 11 Mile
  • Catalpa
  • Webster
2nd Wave - Streets where schools are located in addition to the following:
  • All fire routes and remaining major roads not listed above.
  • Residential streets after approximately 3 to 4 inches of snow.
  • Residential streets, intersections, slopes, and curves may be salted when icy conditions exist. Please note: Costs and environmental issues prohibit routine salting of all residential streets.
Timeframe to clear snow: Although no snow event is exactly the same, as a rule of thumb, it usually takes our crews 12 - 24 hours to plow and treat. 

Snow Emergencies
During major snow events, the City can declare a snow emergency. When a snow emergency is in effect, all parked vehicles must be removed from city streets and municipal lots.

It is very important for residents to place their vehicles in the driveway to avoid interfere with plowing efforts and could contribute to hazardous road conditions by delaying the process.

Why you don't park in the street_Snow Plow_Updated 

Do Your Part to Keep Our Streets Clear

Please do your part by remembering to remove your car from the road so our crews can do a better job. 

It is illegal to plow, shovel, or otherwise deposit snow from the residential or commercial property into the street per our Ordinance Sec. 106-44. Information on the ordinance can be found here.

  • Residents are responsible for clearing driveways and sidewalks within 24 hours after a snowstorm to allow safe use by pedestrians. This is particularly important along school pedestrian routes to prevent children from having to walk in the street.
  • Owners must place snow from their driveways and sidewalks onto their front yard or other areas of their own property, and not into the street. This practice reduces the number of icy areas on streets and ensures proper drainage flow into the storm sewer once the snow melts.
Recommendations For Removing Snow From Your Property

How to Remove Snow_Cropped

Avoid the "Second Shovel" (information provided by MoDOT)


Are you a commercial business available for snowplowing?



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