DTE Tree Trimming Program

In Berkley, we take great pride in the canopy of trees that are such a vital part of our neighborhood streets. Along with that sense of pride, comes the responsibility of working with companies like DTE Energy to ensure our trees are located a safe distance from our power lines.

Starting in March, crews from Davey Tree Service on behalf of DTE Energy will be in town trimming tree branches that have grown too close to power lines. To help protect residents and their own infrastructure – and avoid possible power outages - DTE Energy will be trimming trees in the areas indicated on this map throughout 2023.

DTE Tree Trim Program 2023

The City of Berkley works closely with DTE Energy in overseeing the tree trimming program, knowing how vital it is to help protect our residents from power outages that might occur from ice and wind storms.

As a homeowner, here’s what you need to know about the tree trimming program:

  • You may see DTE or Davey Tree Service representative in your yard or neighborhood inspecting the power lines and trees to determine where trimming is needed. Representatives will be wearing high-visibility vests and carrying identification badges.
  • If trimming is needed on your property, a representative will knock on your door and leave a door hanger describing the necessary trimming. Your planner will leave his or her contact information to answer any questions you may have regarding the work planned for your property.
  • If a tree poses a serious hazard to the power lines, and/or if trimming will damage the tree's health, it may need to be removed. These trees will be marked with two white dots. In this instance, our planners will make every effort to contact you to discuss the removal.

Thinking about planting a tree in your yard? If so, click here for some free tips on the best areas to plant one. The site also discusses the tree trimming program and provides some helpful links.

If you have further questions about the tree trimming program, contact DTE at



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