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2022 City-wide Road Improvement Program

Following the voter-approved Capital Improvement Project Millage for Road/Infrastructure in November 2018, the City will commence its two-year project of road improvements to numerous local and residential streets.

Project Scope and Overview
The project includes the removal and replacement of various sections of concrete and curbs, as well as, the rehabilitation of drainage structures throughout the City. Phase 1 was completed in the South and East portions of the City in 2020.  Phase 2 was completed in the West and North portions of the City in 2021.

Phase 3 will be addressed in 2022, and will cover the northernmost portions of the City (Sections 3 & 4). 

Construction Hours:
Construction work will happen Monday through Friday during normal hours. There will be Saturday work from 7 AM until 12 PM.

Additional work:
If residents are interested in having additional work done, such as driveway approaches, residents will need to contact the Building Department for a permit. Residents can contact the Building Department at 248-658-3320. For access to the correct permits, click here.

Contact HRC Inspector Liz Shock via email at or phone at 248-535-3388.

Project Start (Phase 3):  Early Summer 2022
Project Completion (Phase 3): Fall 2022

For our "Road Map to a Better City Infrastructure," click here.

  • This document above outlines the Capital Improvement Project Millage approved by the voters in November 2018. 

City-Wide Road Improvements 2022 Program Cycle

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Click here to view a PDF version of the maps.


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