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Chipper Route Service


The chipper route will no longer be available to residents. Residents will now have to arrange for private chipping service at their own expense.

Branches over 4ft. in length and over 2 inches in diameter will need to be broken down and placed in yard waste bags or cans with proper yard waste tags attached.

Bags and cans MUST BE UNDER 32 gallons and 50lbs each to be collected on your trash day.

The City provides a monthly chipper route service that runs starting the 3rd Monday of each month and typically takes about a week to complete. 

The chipper route service is for branches OVER 4ft. in length and OVER 2 inches in diameter. 

  • For the safety of our workers, smaller branches must go into a yard waste bag or marked can with a “COMPOST” or “YARD WASTE” label on it.
  • We also ask that you be sure to have your branches all facing the same way instead of a loose pile. 
Because the chipper route only runs once a month, we ask that you sign up in advance so we can route our chipper truck in an efficient manner.

If you would like to be added to the chipper route for the upcoming month, be sure to call DPW at 248-658-3490 to be added to the list for pick-up. You can also sign up by filling out the CHIPPER ROUTE FORM

Please Note:
The chipper service is NOT for tree removals. If a resident removes a tree or hires a company to remove a tree, they are responsible for disposal. 

How to Ensure You Have the Correct Size Branches

Chipper Route - Graphic

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