Fire Safety Open House

The Fire Safety Open House serves as a great opportunity to learn about fire prevention. Attendees are provided will information on common causes of fires in the household, the proper use of household smoke detectors and how to develop a family fire escape plan including "Stop, Drop and Roll"!

This annual event features plenty of fun for the whole family, including fire safety demonstrations, a bounce house, rock climbing wall, chili cook-off and much more. Children also have the opportunity to meet Sparky the Fire Dog!

This year's event takes place Saturday, September 28, 2019, from 10 am to 2 pm at the Public Safety Building, 2395 Twelve Mile Road. Please join us and be sure to check out our newly-renovated fire hall that’s going to accommodate a new fire truck that we’ve already purchased and plan to have delivered in 2020.

child, rock climbing wall
children, rock climbing wall
children, fire hose
Fire hose
firemen, car
firemen, fire
kids, fire safety dog
kids, fire safety dog
fireman, fire, people
fire truck, fire safety dog
child, fire safety dog

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