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Jaycee Park Development

If We Build it, They will PLAY!

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Jaycee Park is a premier park in the City of Berkley. Nestled near Beaumont Hospital on the border of Berkley and Royal Oak, it is a destination for residents, non-residents, hospital employees, and people from all over who enjoy its mature trees, walking path, pavilion rental for parties, and playground for children. This 2.7-acre park is a true treasure for the community and beyond.

We want to maintain the rich character of Jaycee Park while bringing many of the amenities at the park into the 21st century for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy.

We have the vision to build an inclusive playground at Jaycee Park with updates to the pathways, a new playscape, and to increase the accessibility and use of the park.

These finishing touches will bring many of the amenities at the park into the 21st century for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy!


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A Multi-Generational Gathering Space
For community enjoyment, socialization, healthy bodies, and imaginative fun.

What is Inclusive Play?
An inclusive playground is one in which children and adults of all abilities can interact with each other and do what everyone wants to do: PLAY!

Inclusive play goes beyond the required ADA accessibility requirements to create play experiences that meet a variety of needs and interests. These environments are sensory-rich and enable children to develop physically, socially, and emotionally. Inclusive playgrounds are engaging places that provide the just-right level of challenge and offer opportunities to succeed.

Inclusive playgrounds also allow adults of varying ages and abilities to actively engage with children in their care. 

Benefits and Reference of Inclusive Play:

Examples of Inclusive Parks 
Below are examples of currently developed parks in different communities across Michigan.

We have included videos of each space as well as the general cost to construct for each park.

Scarlett's Playground
at Dodge Park

(Commerce Township)

This playground was over a million dollars to construct and install. 

Click here to learn more.  

Gallup Park
(Rotary Centennial Universal Access Playground)

This area and playground were a little over $1.1 million for construction and equipment. 

Click here to learn more.  
Rotary Park

This play area was $450,000 with a community build to construct. 

Click here to learn more.   

Current Plans for the Park
The Parks & Recreation Department toured several inclusive playgrounds in Southeast Michigan. These walkthroughs in addition to their knowledge of inclusive play have helped inform the foundation for the play we hope to see at Jaycee Park.

We believe it is important to provide access for all residents and non-residents with a wide range of design elements for all children and people of all ages to interact. The city has identified that an inclusive park and playground are needed at Jaycee Park as it is the ideal place to have this type of development. Not only will this development serve Berkley residents, but this park will showcase the high standards we strive for in the community and the region. 

There are several play elements that we plan to have as part of this park design. Below are a number of those elements:

  • Soft surface design throughout the entire play area
  • Zip Krooz –Double Track Line with accessible swing
  • We-Go-Round spinner
  • Cozy Dome
  • Friendship Swing and other accessible swings
  • Ramp accessible large play structure
  • Sensory panels and music
  • Accessible seating near the play structure
Our capital funding will provide for a number of these elements, but we want to be able to create the best design with the most engaging play area we can. We need you and your support for parks and play!

If we pass our additional fundraising goal of $50,000, we would be able to add more play elements such as a Roller Table and Bow Ladder. 

How You Can Support Our Effort
You can support this effort to create an inclusive playspace within our beautiful park that is welcoming for EVERYONE by clicking the donation button below.

If we hit our goal the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) will match that, essentially DOUBLING YOUR DONATION!!! 

If you prefer to give offline, donations can be made via check payable to "Berkley Parks & Recreation" and entering "Jaycee Inclusive Playground & Park" on the memo line. Please mail or drop off your donations at the Berkley Community Center (located at 2400 Robina Ave, Berkley MI 48072).

If you can't donate, you can help us by sharing the word of this effort on social media or by text or email using this link:

NOTE: There are processing fees for using these services. This fee is collected and retained by the Service Provider - NOT the City of Berkley.

If you are interested in donating or have questions, contact our Parks & Recreation Director, Theresa McArleton at 248-658-3470 or email at

You can also check out our FAQs here!

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