Sample Ballot

Want to see what's on your ballot this election?

View your sample ballot by Precinct:

 Precinct  Location  Address Sample Ballots
 1 Rogers School  2265 Hamilton Ave Precinct 1 Democratic Ballot
Precinct 1 Republican Ballot
 2 Berkley High School  2325 Catalpa Drive Precinct 2 Democratic Ballot
Precinct 2 Republican Ballot
 3  Community Center  2400 Robina Ave Precinct 3 Democratic Ballot 
Precinct 3 Republican Ballot
 4 Pattengill School 3540 Morrison Ave Precinct 4 Democratic Ballot
Precinct 4 Republican Ballot

Instructions on how to view your Sample Ballot through the State's website:

  1. Go to the Michigan Voter Information System website.
  2. Input your personal voter information, or select "View Ballots By Precinct" on the left navigation menu.
  3. Under the area "Election Calendar" locate the election you are seeking information on, and click the View button under Ballot Preview.
This Information System can also give you details on your Polling Location, Local Clerk, Voting District, and any Absentee Voter Information you have applied for or Submitted.

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