Polling Locations

Not sure what Precinct you're in?
Below is a breakdown of our city's voting precinct map which breaks down where you need to go to vote! 


Need directions to your polling location?
You can find your polling locations, by precinct, listed below.  Click on the address for directions. 

 Precinct  Location  Address Sample Ballots
 1  City Hall  3338 Coolidge Hwy Precinct 1 Ballot
 2  Rogers School  2265 Hamilton Ave Precinct 2 Ballot
 3 & 7  Berkley High School  2325 Catalpa Drive Precinct 3 & 7 Ballot
 4  Community Center  2400 Robina Ave Precinct 4 Ballot
 5  Angell School  3849 Beverly Blvd Precinct 5 Ballot
 6  Pattengill School  3540 Morrison Ave Precinct 6 Ballot

You can also find your voting precinct by:

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