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City Code of Ordinances

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Berkley's Code of Ordinances and City Charter are accessible online through the Municipal Code website.

Within Municode, you can view our community's city codes, ordinances, and other municipal documents. The site also flags any ordinances that have been recently modified or updated, sign up to receive notifications on specific items, and is enabled for you to print or export all or part of the table of contents. There is no charge for using this service.

Click here to access Berkley's City Code Book.

  • NOTE: Updates to Municode take about 48 hours to codify after council approval. 

Pending Ordinances

 Date  Ordinance
09/20/21 Amending Section 138-192 of Chapter 138, Zoning, Of the City of Berkley Code of Ordinances To Amend Regulations for Projections into Setbacks And Provide Penalties for Violations
09/20/21 Downtown Uses. Section 138-417 & 138-32.
09/29/21 Amend Section 2-227 of Division 3 – Historical Committee, of Article V, of Chapter 2 - Administration, to delete the requirement that Historical Committee members be registered voters.

of the City Council of the City of Berkley, Michigan to Amend Section 30-807 of Article XV of Chapter 30, Marihuana Businesses, to Increase the License Limit and to Modify Penalties


Amend Articles II and III, of Chapter 130, Vegetation, of the City of Berkley Code of Ordinances to Modify Trees, Bushes and Shrubs, and Noxious Weeds and to add Article IV, Invasive Species


Amend Article II of Chapter 90, Planning Commission, of the City of Berkley Code of Ordinances to reduce the size of the Planning Commission from 9 to 7 members


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