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Snow Removal

Berkley is very fortunate to be a walkable community. Our residents, especially children, are fortunate to be able to walk to school and parks. It shows pride in ownership and respect for your neighbors and the community if you shovel the sidewalks abutting your property. 

Sometimes, it is not always possible to shovel the sidewalks. The City receives a federal grant that helps pay for a Senior Home Chore program. This program helps low- to moderate-income seniors with chores around the house like snow shoveling. If there is an elderly neighbor that is having a hard time keeping the sidewalks clear, let our Parks & Recreation Department know at 248-658-3470. They will contact the resident with more information. 

While it shows pride in ownership and the community to shovel the sidewalks, city law only requires Oxford Park Towers and all business property to be cleared of snow (Berkley City Code, Section 106-221).

The ordinance does not apply to everyone because there is no fair way to enforce such a provision. It would take many hours to inspect all the residential and non-residential properties in the City of Berkley.  Depending upon the weather, more snow could fall before our officers finished the City or the previous snowfall could melt by the time they reached the other end of the city.

Business properties that do not shovel in a timely manner (as defined in the ordinance) are given a reasonable period of time to correct the matter. Berkley City Code, Section 106-222 provides that the City can clear the sidewalk and bill the property owner for the work. Our Public Works Department provides this service when needed.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding snow removal, please call 248-658-3320

Snow Clearing Tips

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