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Site Plan Review

Property owners who plan to make any physical changes to the ‘footprint’ of their building, add parking or make significant changes to the exterior facade, must apply for a Site Plan Review to be conducted by  Planning Commission.  Requests should be submitted 30 days in advance and an application fee is required. 

A preliminary meeting is held with the City Planner in order to determine what issues will be discussed before the Planning Commission.  The Planning Commission's role in this process is to ensure that the requested changes will not adversely affect the surrounding areas. 

The standards for site plan approval are included in the city’s zoning ordinance.  It is important to remember that the Planning Commission is considering final plans (not a concept), and all expected modifications must be included in the plans presented. 

If approved, any implementation of the plans should conform to what was approved by the Planning Commission.  It is prudent for property owners to discuss the plan with the City Planner, neighbors living in the area of the planned changes, a financial institution, and a design professional before moving through this process.     


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