Beautification Advisory Committee

2022 Edge Your Sidewalk Campaign

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The Beautification Advisory Committee is hosting a community-wide Edge Your Sidewalk Campaign to beautify our Berkley neighborhoods! The goal is to have this effort completed by the city-wide garage sale beginning June 23, 2022. 

A Few Reasons Why You Should Edge Your Sidewalk

  • Uniform grass lines give your lawn a clean and manicured appearance. 
  • Provides a root barrier to prevent invasive lawn grasses from entering flowerbeds.
  • Snow removal is easier because your equipment does not get caught on the grass overhanging your sidewalk areas. 
  • Proper edging uncovers the entire surface area of your concrete surfaces, giving your property better overall dimensions.
  • Your sidewalks become safer for pedestrians by eliminating some trip hazards.
Looking to edge your sidewalk but need help? OR able to help out a fellow neighbor?

What Is the Beautification Advisory Committee?
If the City of Berkley is a canvas, the Beautification Advisory Committee is the artist that takes a wide-angled view of the community, develops recommendations, and then advises City leaders about various methods to improve the aesthetics of the City. Committee members add value by implementing the proposed beautification plans.

Committee recommendations may also identify a number of initiatives aimed at engaging residents and community groups to keep the city clean and beautiful year-round. Examples of committee activities include the following:

  • Planting flower gardens
  • Tree Preservation
  • Blight removal
  • Storefront improvements
  • Open space needs
  • Annual paint up-cleanup-fix up event
  • Beautification projects on municipal property
  • Christmas holiday decorations

Who We Are.
Beautification Advisory Committee members are appointed by the City Council and serve a three-year term. There's no limit on the number of members, and anyone who's a registered voter or property owner can join.

Board Member   Term Expires
 Taylor Beach  July 2026
 Gary Elrod  July 2026
 Lynne Khadra  July 2024
 Anela Mihaescu  July 2024
 Dan Mihaescu (Chairperson)  July 2024
 Jennifer Smitterberg  July 2024

*Student Representative Position Available*

Council Liaison: Mike Dooley

When Can You Attend a Meeting?
Meeting Time: 6:30 PM
Meeting Location: Pinspiration Berkley, 2733 Coolidge Highway

2023 Meeting Dates:

  • April 26
  • May 24
  • June 28
  • July 26
  • August 23
  • September 27
  • October 25

All board meetings are open to members of the public to attend.

Click here to view BAC agendas & minutes. To view the enabling legislation for the Beautification Advisory Committee, click here.

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