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Having trouble connecting to the Livestream? Here are some troubleshooting tips too help! 

City Council Meetings - Zoom Meeting Information:

Join Zoom Meeting: https://berkleymich.zoom.us/j/94929846645

Dial by Phone: 1-312-626-6799

Meeting ID: 949 2984 6645

Instruction for joining a meeting virtually:
  1. Log into the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  2. Please note that for optimal meeting capabilities, we encourage residents to join via computer or tablet devices
    • Through internal testing, it was found that mobile phones struggled to hold proper audio output
  3. Select the Zoom Meeting URL which can be found on the following page: berkleymich.org/livestream
    • Depending on the type of meeting you want to join there will be different meeting URL’s and meeting ID’s for the different types of meetings (e.g. City Council, Planning Commission, ZBA, and DDA)
  4. Next, you will be prompted to download and/or launch Zoom
    • For best results download Zoom & run Zoom
  5. When you launch Zoom, you will want to allow the application to utilize your camera and microphone
  6. Select “Join Now”
For more information on how to join a Zoom meeting, click here

Instruction for joining a meeting via telephone:
  1. Select the Zoom Meeting teleconference number which can be found above. 
    • Depending on the type of meeting you want to join there will be different phone numbers and meeting ID’s for the different types of meetings (e.g. City Council, Planning Commission, ZBA, and DDA)
  2. Next, you would need to enter the meeting ID
  3. Lastly, make sure to mute your device once you join the meeting
    • To mute and unmute, select (STAR 6)
For more information on how to join a Zoom meeting by phone, click here

Those With Hearing or Speech-Impairments Can Still Participate in the Meeting as Well!
Users that are hearing persons and deaf, hard of hearing or speech-impaired persons can communicate by telephone by dialing 7-1-1.
  • Individuals who call will be paired with a Communications Assistant
  • Make sure to give the Communications Assistant the proper teleconference phone number and meeting ID

For more information, visit michigan.gov.

Instruction for Public Comment:
A few changes to note regarding Public Comment. We have shifted the process where the public will have the opportunity to speak two times during the meeting.

  • The first time will be before the “Consent/Regular Agenda” to speak on anything being discussed on the agenda
  • The second time will be before “Communications” on anything not relating to the agenda
How to speak during Public Comment:
  • Participants in the webcast can utilize the “Raise Hand” function by selecting “Manage Participants” on the bottom of your dashboard then select the “More” button in the bottom right-hand corner
    • Our moderator will call your name allowed and unmute you so that you can speak
  • For those are joining the meeting by phone, you can be placed in the queue for Public Comment by selecting (STAR 9)
    • Our moderator will announce the last 4-digits of your phone number for recognition and unmute you so that you can speak
  • Participants providing Public Comment via the webcast or telephone will have 3 minutes to speak as they would if we were meeting in person
  • Once your 3 minutes are up, you will be muted by our moderators
  • Additionally, comments can be submitted prior to or at this time to council@berkleymich.net where residents and community members can submit public comments as well
    • Please note your email must be able to be read in less than 3 minutes
    • Given the circumstances with the virtual space, we may not be able to read through all of the email comments but know that we will have them stored and acknowledged on the public record
Troubleshooting Tips:
For tips on how to troubleshoot via Zoom, follow this link: support.zoom.us

Friendly Reminders:

  • Be sure to test your internet connection, video, and microphone in advance
  • Dial-in from a quiet space or use headphones if around others
  • Mute your computer microphone/cell phone when you are not speaking
  • Video camera tips:
    • Don’t use a window as a backdrop; This impacts visual quality to the viewers on the video conference
    • Make sure the room you are in has proper lighting
    • Dress appropriately
    • Be mindful of your background items when video conferencing

Remember The Human Element:

  • Just like talking face to face, the “Zoom Meetings” video conferencing tool is like our everyday workday settings
  • Speak professionally and respectfully to one another as you would in any other communication setting
  • Announce who you are prior to speaking (e.g. Mayor Terback, 1234 Berkley Ave, *Insert commentary*)
  • Overall, be aware of your behavior; People can see and hear what you are doing at all times

For a printable version of these instructions

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