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Deadlines for the 2016 Tax Bill Season
Summer Taxes last week of June August 31, 2016
Winter Taxes last week of November February 14, 2017

If you pay your taxes yourself and do not receive a bill call the Clerk/Treasurer’s office at 248-658-3310.  If your mortgage company pays your taxes and you receive a tax bill – call the Clerk/Treasurer’s office.

Tax Bill Information Updates

In order to ensure that your tax bill is correctly mailed, please let us know if:

  • you have refinanced and changed your mortgage company
  • your mortgage was sold to another lender
  • your mortgage has been paid off
  • you sell your home

Important!  Do not rely on your mortgage company or the new or former owner to relay this information.   State law holds the homeowner responsible for making sure taxes are paid, so do what you can to see that tax bills are properly directed.

Calculating Tax Late Fees
September 3 3/4% .0375 December 6.0% .0600
October 4 1/2% .0450 January 6 3/4% .0675
November 5 1/4% .0525 February 7 1/2% .0750

  • Late fees apply to the entire month
  • Before making your payment, call the Treasurer's office at 248.658.3310 to verify the amount owed.
  • Beginning March 1, 2017 all unpaid 2016 taxes must be paid at the Oakland County Treasurer's office with additional penalties. During the month of March, a revised statement from the City Treasurer must accompany your payment..
Get Your Tax Information

Look up your taxes & property values at City Hall. A public-use computer is available for residents and visitors.  The computer, located across from the City Manager's office, is restricted to looking up tax and assessing information

Oakland County Property Gateway.   A map-based web application that provides access to the following information for a fee:

  • Residential Property Profile
  • Commercial and Industrial Property Profile
  • Mortgage Application Acceleration Program
  • Map Atlas Viewer
  • Current Tax Profile
  • Delinquent Tax Profile

Access the Oakland County Property Gateway here.

24-Hour Tax Hotline
Property tax information is available FREE on the Oakland County 24-Hour Tax Hotline at (248) 858-0025 or (888) 600-3773.
To access tax information, you will need to enter your 10-digit parcel ID number (begins with 25).

Estimate Your Taxes

The State of Michigan Department of Treasury web site has a helpful tool to use in estimating your property taxes.  Please note this can only be used as an estimate and that they will not have the current tax rates.  To visit this site, check here.

Tax Rates

Summer Tax Rate for 2016: (City & School Taxes)

Berkley School District  
Principal Residence 38.4868
Rental/Second Home 56.4868
Royal Oak School District  
Principal Residence 38.0631
Rental/Second Home 53.3517
Winter Tax Rate for 2015 (County Taxes) 1.7548

The winter rate is the same for a Principal Residence and Rental/Second Home for both School Districts