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City of Berkley Dashboard

Your car's dashboard is a visual display of the status of your vehicle – speed, oil pressure, mileage, etc. Similarly, the city's financial dashboard displays the status of the city's finances. Berkley's financial dashboard provides information on our: Fiscal stability, Economic strength, Crime Rate; and Overall quality of life. The City of Berkley Citizens Guide (Excel file) provides a more detailed analysis of the city's financial status. CVTRS Certification

Fiscal Stability Prior Current Progress
General Fund expenditures per capita 707 688
Debt burden per capita $424 $335
Unfunded persion and OPEB liability as a % of General Fund revenue 325% 357%
Percentage of road funding provided by the General Fund 36.4% 26.6%
Ratio of employees to retirees 1.75 2.11
General fund balance to general fund expenses 32.9% 42%
Number of services delivered via cooperative venture* 30 30
Bond rating (Fitch Rating Services) AA Stable Outlook AA Stable Outlook


Economic Strength Prior Current Progress
% of community with access to high speed broadband 100% 100%
% of community over 25 with a bachelor's degree or higher 46% 46%
Unemployment Rate 5.4% 4.3%
Average of critical infrastructure (years) 41 41


Public Safety Prior Current Progress
Violent Crimes
   Robbery 1 0
   Forcible Rape 1 7
   Murder 0 0
   Aggravated & Felonious Assault 5 2
Total: 7 9
Property Crimes
   Burglary 22 38
   Larceny 93 62
   Stolen Autos 7 4
   Arson 0 0
Total: 122 104
Injury Accidents 49 19


Quality of Life Prior Current Progress
Miles of sidewalks and non-motorized trails per mile of local roads 106 106
General fund budget committed to arts, culture and recreation per capita 11.2% 10.9%
Percentage of graduates attending 4 year college 68% 68%
Acres of park per thousand residents 2.78 2.78
Percent of community with curbside recycling 100% 100%

Updated 11/25/2015

Performance improving
Performance declining
Performance neutral

State of Michigan Dashboard

As always, if you have any questions about the City of Berkley Dashboard please contact the Finance Office @ 248.658.3300.

* Part II of the 2011 Economic Vitality Incentive Program. As required by the State of Michigan, the City has provided a Collaboration Plan, which details its partnerships with outside organizations and communities.

* Part III of the2011 Economic Vitality Incentive Program. As required by the State of Michigan, the City has provided a Employee Compensation Plan, which outlines a plan in the area of salary for new hires, pension multiplier for all employees, federal average compensation for all employees and health care for new employees.