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Tree Care Tips & Techniques
It is important to ensure proper care is given to the trees on your property. Click here for a comprehensive guide on selecting, planting, and caring for a new tree.

Fall Tree Planting Program

Tree Graphic

The beauty of Berkley's tree-lined streets is a result of the successful Tree Planting Program that allows residents to purchase beautiful trees at a reasonable cost every year. The young trees that are planted are about 1½ inches in diameter and approximately 10 feet tall.

The Fall Street Tree Program is full this year. Check back in the spring for more information! 

Tree Trimming and Removal
Every year, the Department of Public Works contractor prunes trees in the right of way, trimming the large branches and removing trees due to health or public safety concerns.  While the City makes every effort to preserve the tree canopy, there are instances when removal is necessary.

For instance, many Silver Maple trees have hollow trunks/limbs even though the leaves continue to grow. The internal rot of the older Silver Maples is a very common occurrence in Berkley (see photo below here).         
hollow silver maple - Copy
Additionally, when public safety concerns arise regarding trees we take extra care to have our contracted forestry service examine the tree and determine its overall health. If a tree is concluded to be healthy we do not remove them as we hope to preserve our natural canopy in the City.

The contractor hired by the city has several Certified Arborists on staff, recognized by the International Society of Arboriculture.  These specialists care for the trees with overall health and safety in mind:

J.H. Hart Tree Trimming and Removal Overview

DTE Tree Trimming

Click the links below for information regarding DTE's Tee Trimming Program.
Tribute Tree

There are many ways to commemorate a loved one or special event. Donations are often given to celebrate a newborn, congratulate someone on a special occasion, celebrate a birthday/anniversary or honor a deceased loved one. 

One way to honor a friend or family member is to participate in the Berkley Tree Board's 'Tribute Tree Program' where a donation is used to replenish city parks and enhance entrances to public buildings.

To participate, a donor may call the DPW at 248.658.3490. The city will then recommend a number of trees that are appropriate for this area's climatic conditions and soil. The trees range in price according to the species and will be approximately 1-3/4 to 2 inches in diameter and 8-10 feet tall. 

After the tree has been selected, the city will supervise the planting of the tree. A special certificate is given to the family of the honoree or event. A written description of the tree's location is included, therefore it is important to hold the donor's name until an appropriate planting time is determined. 


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