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All staff members are still working during standard office hours.

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Finance & Treasury

ATTN Berkley Residents/Businesses:

Due to the rising COVID-19 case numbers and the small capacity of our building, City Hall will be closed to the public starting Tuesday, November 17. Services will still be operational as staff will continue to be working as they have done since the beginning of the shutdown.

Accessing many of our City Hall services CAN BE DONE via phone, email, through a dropbox submission, or US mail.

For everyone’s safety and protection due to COVID-19, below are the following options to pay water bills, tax bills, and miscellaneous invoices to the Berkley Treasurer’s Office:

  • Payment By Check or Money Order:
    • Payment utilizing the City Hall dropbox located on the East side of City Hall to the right of the entrance door. Please place the remittance copy of your taxes, miscellaneous invoices, or water bill in an envelope with your check or money order.
      • If you would like a receipt sent to you, please also enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope in the envelope with your bill and payment, and we will mail you a receipt. If you do not include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your payment we will assume you will use your copy of the check or money order as your receipt.
      • Receipts can also be emailed to you as long as you include your preferred email address with your payment. 
  • Payment By Cash:
    • While we feel it is safer to pay bills by check or money order, if you insist on paying cash we request the following:
      1. Place the exact amount of your bill along with the remittance copy of your bill in an envelope.
      2. If you want a receipt, place a stamped self-addressed envelope in the envelope with your cash and remittance copy and seal the envelope. We will mail you a receipt.
        • A Note Regarding Our Procedure: We will have a second employee witness the opening of the envelope to confirm its contents and then take a picture of the cash and coin in the envelope and have that for proof of what was placed in the envelope. It is important that you pay the correct amount since we will not be able to make change for you. As an additional protective measure, you can call the Treasurer’s Office to confirm that you are placing cash in the dropbox so that we can look for it and acknowledge receiving it.
  • Property Transfer Forms, Tax Deferment Forms, and Treasurer Correspondence:
    • The best and most time-efficient option for Property Transfer Affidavit forms is to scan or take a clear picture of all of the signed forms and email them to Those forms will then be processed and a date-stamped copy will be scanned and returned to you via your email address.
    • Tax Deferment forms and any required documentation can also be scanned or a clear picture is taken and emailed to the email address above.
    • Another option for sending in these forms is to place the signed documents in an envelope and place them in the dropbox for processing by the Treasurer’s Office. Please make sure all forms are properly signed and leave an email address to scan and return copies of the stamped forms.
    • Lastly, you may also leave a self-addressed stamped envelope if you want hard copies returned by US mail (City of Berkley Treasurer; 3338 Coolidge Hwy Berkley, MI 48072).
  • Pay Online or By Phone:
    • Please see the webpage for online and/or telephone payment instructions to make payments via credit card. Other fees are applicable for credit card payments.
All of the above practices will be determined by CDC, State, and County guidelines, and may be altered if and when needed.

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About Finance / Treasury 

Location: City Hall, 3338 Coolidge Highway, Berkley MI 48072

The Finance Department is responsible for providing timely, accurate financial reporting related to all city operations. Key department functions include the annual budget preparation and reporting, accounting, and information management consistent with established government accounting standards and as required by local, state, and federal ordinances and legislation. The City is currently in Fiscal Year (FY) 2019-20 which began on July 1, 2019.   

Adopted 2020-21 Fiscal Year Budget

The Treasury Division is responsible for collecting all payments due to the city for property taxes, water bills, reconciling department receipts, and performing other related transactions as required.  It also coordinates the Board of Review, property tax roll activities and sends bi-annual tax bills and settlements to Oakland County.

Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification Form (W-9)

City of Berkley Tax Exemption Certificate

Contact Information
Mark Pollock
Finance Director
(248) 658-3340 


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