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Your car's dashboard is a visual display of the status of your vehicle – speed, oil pressure, mileage, etc. Similarly, the city's financial dashboard displays the status of the city's finances. Berkley's financial dashboard provides information on our: Fiscal stability, Economic strength, Crime Rate; and Overall quality of life. The City of Berkley Citizens Guide (Excel file) provides a more detailed analysis of the city's financial status. CVTRS Certification.

up_good Performance improving
down_bad Performance declining
neutral Performance neutral

General Fund expenditures per capita 707 688 up_good
Debt burden per capita $424 $335 up_good
Unfunded persion and OPEB liability as a % of General Fund revenue 325% 357% down_bad
Percentage of road funding provided by the General Fund 36.4% 26.6% neutral
Ratio of employees to retirees 1.75 2.11 down_bad
General fund balance to general fund expenses 32.9% 42% up_good
Number of services delivered via cooperative venture* 30 30 neutral
Bond rating (Fitch Rating Services) AA Stable Outlook AA Stable Outlook neutral


% of community with access to high speed broadband 100% 100% neutral
% of community over 25 with a bachelor's degree or higher 46% 46% neutral
Unemployment Rate 5.4% 4.3% up_good
Average of critical infrastructure (years) 41 41 neutral


Violent Crimes
   Robbery 1 0 up_good
   Forcible Rape 1 7 down_bad
   Murder 0 0 neutral
   Aggravated & Felonious Assault 5 2 up_good
Total: 7 9 down_bad
Property Crimes
   Burglary 22 38 up_good
   Larceny 93 62 up_good
   Stolen Autos 7 4 up_good
   Arson 0 0 neutral
Total: 122 104 down_bad
Injury Accidents 49 19 up_good


Miles of sidewalks and non-motorized trails per mile of local roads 106 106 neutral
General fund budget committed to arts, culture and recreation per capita 11.2% 10.9% neutral
Percentage of graduates attending 4 year college 68% 68% neutral
Acres of park per thousand residents 2.78 2.78 neutral
Percent of community with curbside recycling 100% 100% neutral

Updated 11/25/2015

midashboard State of Michigan Dashboard

As always, if you have any questions about the City of Berkley Dashboard please contact the Finance Office @ 248.658.3300.

* Part II of the 2011 Economic Vitality Incentive Program. As required by the State of Michigan, the City has provided a Collaboration Plan, which details its partnerships with outside organizations and communities.

* Part III of the 2011 Economic Vitality Incentive Program. As required by the State of Michigan, the City has provided a Employee Compensation Plan, which outlines a plan in the area of salary for new hires, pension multiplier for all employees, federal average compensation for all employees and health care for new employees.

PA 530 of 2016 Compliance


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