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City Code of Ordinances

Berkley's Code of Ordinances and City Charter are accessible online through the Municipal Code website. There is no charge for using this service.

Click here to access the City Code Book updated through O-16-19.

The following Ordinances were adopted after the last update and are not included in the above:

Ordinance #
0-1-20 Chapter 38, Snow Emergency Procedures and Parking Prohibition
0-2-20 Chapter 118, Small Cell Wireless Facilities
0-3-20 Chapter 138, Modify and
Establish the Process and Requirements for Public Hearing Notices
0-6-20 Michigan to conditionally rezone property described as Lot 425 of the Vinsetta Park Subdivision from RM, Multiple Family Residential to Parking District
0-5-20 Chapter 2, Minimum Attendance and Training Requirements and to modify removal from office procedures for Appointed Boards and Commissions.
0-7-20 Chapter 6, Regulate the Leaving or Placement of Unsolicited Written Materials on Private Property
0-9-20 Chapter 50, Fire Prevention Code, of the City of Berkley Code of Ordinances to Adopt the 2015 International Fire Code, and to Prescribe Penalties for Violations.
0-10-20 Chapter 30, Businesses to Update the Citation to the Property
Maintenance Code, and to Prescribe a Penalty for Violations.
0-11-20 Chapter 18 Amusements and Entertainments, to Update the Citation to the City’s
Adopted Building Codes, and to Prescribe a Penalty for Violations.
Chapter 26, Building & Building Regulations, of the City of Berkley Code of Ordinances to Adopt the State Construction Code, as Updated and Amended; to Adopt the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code as the City’s Property Maintenance Code; to Adopt the Michigan Rehabilitation Code as the City’s Rehabilitation Code for Existing Buildings; and to Provide Penalties for Violations.

Pending Ordinances

 Date  Ordinance
6-26-2020 Chapter 138-298 - Replacing BOCA with the Michigan Residential Code
6-26-2020 Chapter 138-526 - Adding Local Business District Regulations back to the Schedule of Regulations

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