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Bid Opportunities


The City of Berkley will be accepting proposals for snow removal services (all labor, materials and equipment). Bids will be accepted at the office of the City Clerk, 3338 Coolidge Highway, until 10 a.m., Local Time, on November 28, 2016 or they can be submitted via MITN. To register for the MITN website: www.MITN.Info. Bids should be sealed and clearly labeled as follows:

  1. Vendor (Company) Name
  2. Address

Proposal specifications may be downloaded from MITN or the city’s website at Hard copies are available at the Community Center, 2400 Robina Berkley, MI 48072. All proposals must be submitted on forms furnished by the City of Berkley and submitted via MITN or to the City Clerk’s office.

The City of Berkley does not discriminate in its employment or any other programs or activities based on sex, race, color, age, height, weight, marital status, national origin, religion, arrest record, or disability.

Matthew Baumgarten
City Manager
Berkley, Michigan 48072
(248) 658-3350

Detailed Specifications (PDF)

The City of Berkley has issued two separate documents in search of interested parties for potential public private partnerships (P3). The Expression of Interest (EOI) documents identify the city’s Parks & Recreation facilities and City Hall complex, respectively, as sites for a P3. The intent of this endeavor is to identify funding and revenue generating opportunities that will mutually benefit the city and the selected prospective partner. Sale of municipal buildings or real estate owned by the city would not be considered during this process.

Developers are invited to submit proposals to indicate their interest in participating in innovative renovation projects to substantially improve each site. Proposals should include potential revenue generating concepts and expand facility uses that can include concessions, room rentals and other reasonable options.

“Like most cities, a conscious decision was made to delay capital improvements and other facility upgrades during the economic downturn in order to help the city maintain financial solvency”, said City Manager Matthew Baumgarten. “Now, we’re at a point where we need to take the necessary steps to aggressively address these concerns so that we can continue to provide services at our facilities well into the future.”

In 2014, the City of Berkley hired Stantec (formerly known as SHW) to conduct a Facility Condition Study aimed at identifying structural, electrical, mechanical and other deficiencies for all municipal buildings. Stantec provided a comprehensive report that describes the current state of City Hall, the historic fire hall, Park & Recreation (including the ice arena), Public Safety, Public Works and the Library.

Facilities at Parks & Recreation (including the ice arena) and City Hall (including the historic fire hall) require extensive repairs to update the buildings’ failing exterior facades, electrical and mechanical systems. According to the Stantec study, the buildings have a number of structural issues that affect energy efficiency and accessibility. Electrical and mechanical systems, though functional, have exceeded their useful life.

In response to the EOI, developers are invited to submit proposals to indicate their interest in participating in innovative renovation projects, at Parks & Rec and City Hall, that will improve the site and provide needed structural, mechanical and electrical upgrades. Proposals, due on November 11, 2016, should also identify potential revenue generating options including concessions, room rentals and other services that will increase utilization of the facilities and enhance service delivery. Inquiries can be emailed to the city manager:

Mayor O’Dwyer said he and his colleagues on City Council are open to ideas that will achieve the overall goal of improving the facilities in a practical and cost effective way. “Ideally, the partnership will be mutually beneficial for the city and the private entity. We’re open to ideas that may change the footprint of each site but ultimately, the concepts must allow the city to continue to efficiently conduct its business and provide residents with the conveniences needed when they come to city offices. ”

The 8,100 square foot Community Center was built in 1970 and the ice arena (36,400 sq. ft.) was built in 1974. The last major renovation was made in 1994. City Hall (approximately 7,500 sq. ft.) was built in 1960 and the historic fire hall (7,650 sq. ft.) was built in 1928.

Most recently, the City Council approved a contract with the architectural firm, Lord, Aeck & Sargent, to begin a design process that would address structural and other issues for city hall as identified in the facility assessment. In the coming weeks, focus groups will be conducted to get resident input on design concepts for a ‘reimagined” city hall. Other information sharing sessions will occur when prospective partners are identified and designs are under consideration.

The Stantec Facility Condition Assessment and more information regarding the expression of interest process are available by clicking the links below.

Expression of Interest - Parks & Recreation Complex

Expression of Interest - City Hall Complex

Expression of Interest - FAQ's

On an as-needed basis, the City of Berkley solicits bids/quotes for:

  • Uniforms
  • Garbage bags
  • Envelopes
  • Vehicles
  • Capital improvement projects

Bid opportunities will be posted on this page when available.

Title VI

Title VI, 42 was enacted as part of the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964. It prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, and national origin in programs and activities receiving federal financial assistance. Click here to view the City of Berkley's Title VI plan.