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EmployeeTraining Options

Free On-Line Training

Microsoft offers training and other useful information via their website.  Here you will find tips and tools on how to work more efficiently as well as on line training demonstrations.

In addition HP offers free on-line training on a variety of computer topics, enrollment is free.  Check out their course offerrings here.

Free One on One Training

If you are interested in training on any Microsoft Office software or BS&A applications contact Brenda.  Training is customized to your interests - either specific applications or specific topics.

Topics could include:

  • basic document or spreadsheet creation
  • mail merge
  • excel formulas
  • creating custom templates
  • Power Point presentations
  • Outlook
  • Webmail Direct (County email program)
Other Options

If these options do not meet your training needs other options are available.  Community adult education, computer stores and private training providers offer computer instruction for a fee.  Brenda can assist you in finding what options are out there.  Please note that unless your department has budget for training, the employee will be responsible for any expenses.