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Medical Insurance

Blue Cross Health Insurance
Life Insurance

Dental Coverage

ADN Dental is our new administrator for our Dental Coverage.  No changes have been made to your coverage.

ADN negotiates rates with participating dentists to create a network of providers.  If your dentist is not in the network - don't worry - you will continue to have the same coverage you've always had.  You do not have to change dentists.

Visit the ADN website.

View the ADN Benefit Booklet.

Print a claim form.

Optical Coverage

ADN Dental is the administrator for our vision benefits.  There have been no changes to your coverage.

  • Visit your optical provider as usual
  • Pay provider directly – as usual
  • Send your receipts to ADN
  • ADN will mail reimbursements to you

When mailing in your optical receipts - be sure to include the claim form.

View the ADN Benefit Booklet.